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Clarinox Technologies

Clarinox Technologies Pty Ltd provides robust and proven Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy, and Wi-Fi protocol stacks. The Clarinox solution handles complex usage scenarios. This includes simultaneous profiles and roles across Wind River Linux and VxWorks solutions, a wide range of MCUs as well as simultaneous Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability. This is enhanced by advanced debug tools to speed up embedded Bluetooth and Wi-Fi developments. With 15 years experience in short range wireless, the Clarinox team is the ideal partner to simplify embedded wireless.

The Clarinox protocol stack software suite covers Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy, and Wi-Fi for the Wind River Linux and VxWorks platforms. Integrate wireless connectivity in new and existing applications, for a myriad of IoT end-applications.

Clarinox provides Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi protocol stacks encapsulated within an award winning C / C++ based framework that incorporates advanced debug and protocol analyzer tools. These products are complimented by an innovative configuration tool, comprehensive APIs, and evaluation hardware. The Clarinox product suite brings wireless application development to next-generation connected devices running on the latest Wind River Linux and VxWorks platforms.

  • Debugger and protocol analyzer tools simplify debugging of complex applications, enabling faster debugging cycles and delivery times.
  • Hides the technology complexity from the user while providing a simple but powerful API.
  • Full range of profiles and roles supported.
  • Enables multi-profile (Bluetooth), multi-role (Wi-Fi), and multi-technology applications with interoperability guaranteed.

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Clarinox Technologies
28 / 296 Bay Road, Cheltenham, VIC, Australia, VIC
+61 3 9095 8088

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Aerospace & Defense

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Wind River Linux