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LHS is a specialty company that focuses on the embedded computer boards business
(sales, support, maintenance). Clients include Artesyn Embedded Technologies, Abaco Systems, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, VadaTech, and GE Automation (VME, VPX, MTCA, ATCA, CPCI, COMe, PMC, XMC, etc.).

Founded in July 1999, LHS has a mission to provide strong, long-term customer support.

The LHS focus is on real-time embedded boards and systems business, using open-standard system architecture, and on providing excellent software and firmware support on VxWorks and Real-Time Linux

LHS handles most products supporting VxWorks Board Support Packages. This is why LHS offers the best customer support and evaluations of the software environment (OS/BSP/driver), along with numerous tools including high-speed digital oscilloscopes, analyzers, JTAG, and more.

  • Flexible, value-add services that big companies often cannot support
  • Solutions (such as VxWorks BSP driver production and modifications) and packaging and integration services with boot ROM construction
  • Experienced engineers who provide technical and quality support with VxWorks and Wind River Linux
  • Environment facilities, including coating services and testing in temperature and humidity control chambers
  • All incoming and outgoing tests (visual and functional), plus customized detail function tests according to the client's specifications
  • Long-term EOL products support

Company Info

4-2-33 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-Ku, TOKYO, Japan, 169-0075

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Aerospace & Defense

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