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Altia Inc

Altia specializes in graphical user interface (GUI) development software and services for production embedded displays. Companies all over the world-automotive OEMs and Tier 1s, medical device manufacturers, home appliance companies, and more-leverage Altia's tools and services to develop and deploy custom graphics for production embedded displays. The Altia toolchain includes an integrated and easy-to-use 3-D design flow, global language support, and much more. Altia Professional Engineering Services deliver global support across the GUI development lifecycle, from graphics development and user experience research through to testing and production. With quality initiatives for ASPICE, MISRA, and ISO 26262, Altia is a clear choice for developing safe and innovative displays.

Altia provides an HMI editor and graphics code generation software that targets Wind River operating systems.

Altia provides concept-to-code user interface engineering software that can connect to devices in automotive, medical, consumer, and industrial applications that are driven by Wind River operating systems.

Wind River and Altia customers can prototype and deploy innovative embedded displays in 50% less time than traditional hand-coding methods.

  • Industry-leading tool for GUI development
  • Reduced engineering time (average 50%)
  • Support for low-end processors to high-end systems
  • Efficient C source code, minimizing RAM and saving BOM cost
  • Advanced features for global language support

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Altia Inc
111 S. Tejon St. Suite 204, Colorado Springs, CO, United States, 80903
(719) 598-4299

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