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Micro Focus, Inc.

Micro Focus supports the tactical and strategic business requirements of our customers and partners, through providing innovative solutions, software products, and exceptional service. We create and deliver the highest quality products in the knowledge that our customers depend on our solutions for their business success.
In providing exceptional customer service before and after sale, it is our aim to develop long lasting customer relationships underpinned by our financially strong, global organization.
Micro Focus International plc provides innovative software which allows companies to develop, test, deploy, assess, and modernize business-critical enterprise applications. This software enables customers' business applications to respond rapidly to market changes and embrace modern architectures with reduced cost and risk.
Micro Focus has nearly 40 years of expertise, employing over 4,000 staff in over 100 global locations, and doing business with over 20,000 customers, including 91 of the Fortune Global 100 companies.

Micro Focus and Wind River: Ease of Integration with Extreme Performance

Using VisiBroker® organizations can develop, connect and deploy complex distributed applications that have to meet very high performance and reliability standards. With more than 30 million licenses in use, VisiBroker is the world's most widely deployed CORBA object request broker (ORB) infrastructure.

One of the operating systems on which CORBA is developing, deploying, and managing distributed applications is VxWorks. Other than running on VxWorks the product conforms to the OMG specification for CORBA.

  • A complete CORBA 2.3 compliant ORB runtime and supporting development environment for building, deploying, and managing distributed C++ applications that are open, flexible, and inter-operable.
  • Applications built with VisiBroker for C++ for VxWorks are easily integrated and accessed by any other CORBA based solution, as well as to disparate technologies and systems through the latest industry standards.
  • VisiBroker-RT for C++ for VxWorks provides a solution designed for systems requiring extreme-performance backed by standards based interoperability.

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Micro Focus, Inc.
One Irvington Center, 700 King Farm Boulevard, Suite 125, Rockville, MD, United States, 20850-5736

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