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The LDRA Group of companies is based around LDRA Ltd. which, founded in 1975, is the world's longest established provider of automated software code analysis and testing tools.

LDRA is the market leader in providing automated software development and testing tools, as well as test solutions for a wide variety of market sectors.

LDRA's products and services are at the leading edge of software testing technology. LDRA provides a unique environment that helps teams accelerate testing embedded and real-time systems and deliver a safety critical and business critical software on time.
The key features of the LDRA tool suite are: Automatic Test cases Generation, Automatic Test Harness Generation, Automatic Test Stub Generation, Test Report Generation, Automatic regression Testing, Code Coverage measurement, Host/Target Execution, Programming Standards Checking, Data Flow Anomalies Analysis, Static Code Analysis, and Complexity Metrics Analysis.

These solutions help embedded developers overcome the challenges of testing software in circumstances where computer software is required to be reliable, rugged, and as error free as possible.

The LDRA tool suite integrates with Wind River Workbench and VxWorks to provide a single work environment for customers to conduct safety and security critical certification tasks.

The LDRA tool suite contains a Wind River specific eclipse plug-in that allows LDRA tasks to be accessed from Wind River Workbench. This integration allows users to directly access LDRA static, dynamic and unit test capabilities in Wind River Workbench. The LDRA tool suite can also control Workbench and the VxWorks simulator to allow customers to run system and unit tests from the command line. Additionally the LDRA tools can be extended with a Wind River Simics specific plug in that would allow code coverage and analysis without use of a target agent.

  • The LDRA and Wind River solution allows customer to standardise on one common platform such as Eclipse which reduces the learning curve for new users of the tools and enables the verification results to be easily shared between the distributed teams.
  • The LDRA tool suite can automatically generate complete test cases with the Wind River integration, and provide an automated solution for host-host, host-simulator and host-target test execution.
  • The LDRA-Wind River integration is used to automate the test execution and produce code coverage analysis information so that test progress can be measured and it is understood at any time what testing has been achieved and how much testing remains to be done.
  • The LDRA tool suite can provide code size and complexity metrics from static analysis to provide data for sizing the test job to be undertaken

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Portside Monks Ferry, Birkenhead, Cheshire, United Kingdom, CH41 5LH

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Aerospace & Defense

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Wind River Simics
VxWorks 653