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Real Time Logic LLC

Real Time Logic is an IoT security and web-enablement specialist. The solutions and ecosystem partners drive modern real-time embedded applications to ensure the smooth deployment and safe operation of the next-generation industrial cloud- and IoT-enabled industrial products.

Real Time Logic's strategy is to empower people and companies to develop graphical interfaces, integrate web browser UI solutions, and take advantage of Internet connectivity by providing several secure (industrial) protocols, tools, and high-level development environments.

Real Time Logic provides an all-in-one solution for creating next-generation secure industrial automation products.

Real Time Logic's Barracuda App Server (BAS) simplifies development of modern IIoT applications with its easy-to-use development environment together with a rich set of ready-to-use protocols. BAS is the de facto solution for cloud-enabling VxWorks-powered industrial equipment.

  • Interoperability: Multiple communication drivers for industry protocols such as HTTPS, WebSocket, MQTT, Modbus, and OPC UA. Includes a rich set of standard encryption protocols and cryptographic primitives. Interface to SQL relational databases such as SQLite and ITTIA DB.
  • Mobility: Ability to visualize information in modern and rich graphical interfaces based on HTML5 and the latest web standards.
  • Ease of use: Barracuda App Server provides a rapid and secure application development environment via its easy-to-use, high-level scripting engine tailored for resource-constrained embedded systems.

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Real Time Logic LLC
32932 Pacific Coast Highway, #14, Dana Point, CA, United States, 92629
(949) 292-0426

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Aerospace & Defense

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