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StealthPath, Inc.

In response to years of relentless cyberattacks that result in the loss of critical proprietary and classified information and pose threats to our critical infrastructure, StealthPath was formed. StealthPath has developed a paradigm-changing, defense-in-depth product suite that is purpose-built for vulnerable ICS and IoT (M2M) environments. Our products are built on a trust-nothing, validate-everything paradigm that captures and authenticates every connection request and every message across those connections.

With headquarters in Reston, Virginia, and a staff of industry experts in safety and security-critical applications, StealthPath is THE technology company charting the course in the paradigm shift.

The StealthPath product suite mitigates cybersecurity risk by giving you the ability to define and enable only what is good or trusted on your network, thus eliminating bad actors or untrustworthy data from compromising your systems or data.

StealthPath and Wind River provide the pathway to impenetrable cybersecurity for the Internet of Things (IoT). The StealthShield product from StealthPath has been integrated with Wind River Linux to eliminate cybersecurity risk. With StealthShield and Wind River Linux, you no longer have to worry about keeping the bad guys out or having your devices or system infiltrated. Only authenticated data, authenticated participants, and authenticated code will run in your trusted network.

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StealthPath, Inc.
10700 Parkridge Blvd., Suite 301, Reston, VA, United States, 20191

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Aerospace & Defense

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Wind River Linux