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Mocana Corp

Mocana Security of Things is an IoT security platform that is being rapidly adopted by next generation IoT device designers who demand easy integration, flexibility to address the latest attacks, and the architectural freedom to use various processors/OS designs. It is an ultra-optimized, OS agnostic, high performance solution designed to fit any device class. It delivers high-grade security without the complexity and added security risk exposure. Mocana's award-winning cryptographic solutions are used in the most stringent life-critical systems for Fortune 50 companies, world-leading smart device manufacturers, and government agencies.

The partnership with Wind River provides customers faster and easier integration of Mocana's security with Wind River products.

Mocana IoT provides the Mocana Security of Things Platform- a high-performance, ultra-optimized, OS-independent, high-grade security solution for any device class. The Platform is being rapidly adopted by next-gen IoT device designers who demand architectural freedom, and who understand the complexity and risk exposure inherent in in-house and other solutions.

  • Standardize security: Mocana's solution is OS-independent and could be used in the most stringent environment, and easily deploy-able in multiple projects.
  • Trusted software: more than 250 customer worldwide uses Mocana's software, and deployed in millions of devices
  • Reduce Risk: in-house developers often make integration mistakes since security coding require expert knowledge.

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Mocana Corp
20 California Street, 4th floor, San Francisco, CA, United States, 94111

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