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Softil Ltd.

Softil's is the de facto IP communications leader and enabler for more than 800 corporations across the globe. Our technological achievements include the pioneering of voice and video over IP with a range of embedded technologies and testing solutions, combining our unique expertise in signaling, multimedia, and IMS. Softil's award-winning suite of Protocol Stacks, including IMS, Diameter, SIP, ICE, H.323, and many others, provides the core technology behind the rich media applications and products of the communications industry, greatly simplifies their development, and ensures earliest time-to-market.

Best-of-breed protocol SDKs with rich set of APIs implementing open international standards for developers of multimedia over IP communications products and solutions.

Softil provides implementation of the open international IP communication standards in the form of developer API SDKs. The SDKs are fully compatible and optimized for use with VxWorks and Linux operating systems, taking advantage of all the advanced features VxWorks and Linux offer for TCP/IP stack, multi-threading, and other OS-dependent functions.

  • Tested and optimized for deployment with VxWorks and Linux
  • Best-of-the-breed implementation of multimedia communication protocols since 1995
  • Field-proven with hundreds of customers using both Softil ToolKits and Wind River OS
  • Wide range of multimedia over IP communication protocols supported, including but not limited to SIP, IMS, RTP, ICE/STUN/TURN, Diameter, H.323, and MEGACO

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Softil Ltd.
24 Raoul Wallenberg St. Bldg. D., Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924
+972 3 7509610

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