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Unified Automation GmbH

Unified Automation offers products and services in the field of standardized communication in automation industry and beyond. Based on OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) technology we offer a cross-platform software development framework to enable vertical information integration for application providers, from embedded device manufacturers up to enterprise application developers.
Unified Automation's products enable companies to easily build, deploy and integrate Industrie 4.0 and IIoT communication technologies. Our products are designed to improve the appeal and quality of customer's applications and devices. Unified Automation enables customers to accelerate innovation, shorten time to market and increase revenues.

Unified Automation offers high performance ANSI C and C++ based OPC UA SDKs for VxWorks

The cross platform Software Development Kits for OPC UA Client/Server as well as Publish/Subscriber development allow easy integration into VxWorks environment. The highly flexible and scalable SDKs come with a rich feature set ranging from embedded device profile up to sophisticated, full featured enterprise systems. The SDK consists of a set of libraries accompanied with data modeling and code generator tool, multiple examples and well documented tutorial and API reference documentation.

The full source code package accelerates OPC UA development and can be combined with additional support, consulting and implementation services to fully satisfy customer needs and guaranteed fast time to marked and return of invest. Unified Automation's SDKs are certified by the OPC Foundation and have highest quality standards approved by largest customer base.

With the partnership between Wind River and Unified Automation our customers benefit from well tested platform support, easy integration and approved compatibility. In addition Unified Automation provides evaluation edition for selected VxWorks versions.

  • cross platform development kit, full source code
  • easy integration and development, tooling and code generator
  • flexible, scalable ANSI C and C++ variants available
  • high performance, including encryption and authorization
  • certified for compliance, world largest customer base

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Unified Automation GmbH
An der Kaufleite 34, Kalchreuth, Germany, 90562
+49 911 495 25000

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