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SafeNet Inc

With over 30 years of experience, Gemalto's (formerly SafeNet) Sentinel Software Monetization portfolio provides software companies and intelligent device vendors with software licensing, protection, and entitlement management solutions that help them monetize their software and drive business growth. Whether in the cloud, embedded in hardware, or installed on premises, Gemalto's Sentinel portfolio helps customers extract the most value from their software.
Sentinel-Embedded Software Monetization Solutions
As the value of hardware continues to shift more and more from the physical components to the software running the device, the need to protect and flexibly control that software is becoming paramount. Gemalto offers several software monetization solutions tailored specifically to securely manage software embedded within any piece of hardware - from networking and routing appliances and medical devices to mobile handsets and industrial automation equipment. Gemalto's Embedded Software Monetization Solutions provide device and equipment manufacturers all the tools they need to effectively protect their products from tampering and reverse engineering while also opening up an entirely new world of packaging and opportunities to maximize profitability.
A comprehensive monetization strategy can help increase revenue, reduce operational costs, and increase profitability by:
- Protecting against IP theft, tampering, and reverse-engineering
- Preventing unauthorized use and distribution
- Preserving product and brand integrity
- Enabling feature-level device packaging and control
- Providing the ability to sell product features instead of pure hardware
- Making the product adaptations quick and easy
- Reducing the number of hardware SKUs in inventory
- Easy upgrades and upsells of features and functionality in the field
- Adding usage-based business models such as "pay per use"
- Raising the customer experience

The Safenet Embedded Software Monetization Solution is enabled for use with VxWorks and Wind River Linux

A reduced footprint paired with efficient use of memory allows our embedded product offerings to conform to the strictest of embedded environment constraints without compromising device performance. Gemalto's Embedded Solutions are available in various flavors that cover a wide range of platform support. However, further support to derivative or non-standard platforms is also available. Multi-environment or existing Gemalto customers can expect a common development experience. In addition, Gemalto's offering to embedded device manufacturers includes:

  • Professional Services
  • On-site Situation Analysis
  • On-site Workshops
  • Consulting Services - Strategy and Implementation
  • Implementation Services
  • Managed Services for Gemalto Products
  • Long-Term Maintenance Support

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SafeNet Inc
4690 Millennium Dr, Belcamp, MD, United States, 21017
(410) 931-7500

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Wind River Linux