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The DiSTI Corporation

Founded in 1994, the DiSTI Corporation is a leading provider of graphical interaction technology used to empower the latest in Human Machine Interface (HMI) development and maintenance training.

DiSTI combines advanced graphical user interface technology with strategic innovation to bring customers in any industry the high-fidelity and high-performance graphical computing solutions they demand. From safety critical embedded applications to the rapid prototyping of cockpits and dashboard instruments, DiSTI offers a streamlined approach to any visual interaction application.

DiSTI's GL Studio UI development software coupled with the Wind River embedded operating system delivers world class safety critical display systems

Touch screens containing advanced 3D graphics are becoming a part of the everyday user experience. DiSTI's GL Studio user interface development software coupled with the Wind River embedded operating system deliver a world-class solution for producing the best end-user experience. GL Studio rapidly prototypes advanced user interfaces that seamlessly transition to the target system including safety critical display systems.

  • ISO 26262 ASIL D Certified with Advanced 3-D Capabilities
  • Superior Performance and Flexibility with Rapid Application Portability
  • Supports Modern HD and 3-D Displays and Hardware Architectures

Company Info

The DiSTI Corporation
11301 Corporate Blvd. Suite 100, Orlando, FL, United States, 32817

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Aerospace & Defense

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VxWorks 653